Kingston Fyah Music Video!


“Kingston Fyah”, the new single from Brooklyn-bred group New Kingston, makes you feel powerful; like you can take on the world, stand up to your enemies and make a difference in someone’s life… all in the same day. Directed by filmmaker Rob Driscal and shot in the San Francisco bay area, the video itself “was a different artistic expression based to focus on the content of the song itself”, percussionist Kris tells me after their show at Humbrews in Arcata two nights ago.

Anyone familiar with the family five-piece knows that the majority of their music is focused on inner strength and determination. This song is no different and encourages listeners to seek progression, become wiser and nurture the truth within oneself.

New Kingston will be concluding their nation-wide fall tour in Portland, Oregon on October 23 at the Star Theater. They will be accompanying Rebelution and Pepper on the Falling Into Place tour for several shows in December in Hawai’i and Guam, click here for dates and tickets. Follow them on Instagram and visit their website for more music, photos, videos.

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